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Real VS Fake?

2018, 60cm*30cm

Acrylic on canvas

The piece is an personal expression of my thinking and confusion regarding my ability to distinguish between the real and the fake. This piece speaks about my eager of possessing critical thinking to protect myself in the vast amount of information we perceive.

The piece communicates a desire for critical thinking as a means of self-protection in the face of the overwhelming volume of information we encounter.

Contribution to a healing context:

  1. Exploration of Personal Narratives: Art therapy often involves the exploration of personal narratives and emotions through artistic expression. This painting, with its specific theme of navigating truth and deception, provides a visual entry point for participants to explore their own experiences and challenges in distinguishing reality from falsehood.

  2. Identification and Validation: Viewers may find a sense of identification and validation in the artwork. The shared theme of grappling with information overload and the desire for critical thinking can create a connection between the artist's experience and the experiences of those engaging in therapy.

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