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2023, Interactive Installation

Wood making, Painting, Videography, Mixing Audio using Audacity, ready-made materials

"Truth" is a three-dimensional interactive installation which parley multiple histories covered by governments, political sacrifices and inhuman treatment in real life, audiences would be able to feel the fear and the sense of oppression when engaging with the installation. Participants would watch a videography mounted on top of the cage, listen to a piece of audio through a mp3, and experience a journey of being in a dark tiny cage.

Videography projected on screen mounted on top of the cage.

Contribution to a healing context:

  1. Creating Empathy: The immersive nature of the installation fosters empathy by allowing participants to step into the shoes of those who experienced historical injustices. This empathetic connection can contribute to a greater understanding of the psychological impact of such events.

  2. Sensitivity and Support: Potentially intense emotions that may arise during and after engagement with the installation. Measures such as warning signs and conversing with them in a manner that promotes a sense of comfort and improved mood were taken to ensure the psychological safety of participants.

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