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Freedom: Pure

2018, 83cm*86.5cm

Acrylic on canvas

Freedom, meaning that we are able to act according to our free-will. In my point of view, only embryo could truly possess freedom, as we grow up, we would be affected by the outside world. In this piece of work, I aim as expressing a kind of carefree and pure freedom that we own in our infancy.

Below are the symbolism applied in the piece:

Birds: animals that could spread their wings and soar freely in the sky, symbolising the freedom embryo possess. The birds drawn near the baby have an adequate amount of colouring, but when the birds start to fly away from the baby, the colour would gradually be mixed with some black and grey, symbolising the lose of freedom.

Water drops: The purity of freedom is symbolised the the transparency of water drop.

Windows: The path towards freedom.

Contribution to a healing context:

1. Exploration of Early Experiences: The depiction of a baby surrounded by colorful birds and transparent water drops suggests an exploration of early experiences and the innate freedom associated with infancy. Art therapy participants might reflect on their own early experiences and how the transition from infancy to adulthood has impacted their sense of freedom.

2. Metaphor for Healing: The painting itself, with its vibrant and fading elements, could serve as a metaphor for the healing journey. The transparent water drops may symbolize the clarity and purity that can be regained through the therapeutic process. Discussing the artwork could become a way for individuals to articulate their own experiences of healing, acknowledging both the challenges and the potential for transformation.

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