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Goods in Absurd

2022, Interactive Installation, 193cm*240cm*160cm

Wood making, Painting, Bookbinding, Mixing Audio using Audacity, ready-made materials

The "Goods In Absurd" project is an immersive interactive installation. The built space serves as a symbolic representation of the absurd world (various sensational elements were designed, such as some pungent smell, scary soundtrack that is being played on speakers and a cold temperature), concealing a myriad of hidden treasures for the audience to uncover. These discoveries include an MP3 player emitting relaxing music, a plush cushion designed for comfortable seating, some drinks, and a dedicated booklet for the expression of personal sentiments.

Contribution to a healing context:

  1. Expression through Art: Providing participants with a booklet for expressing personal sentiments encourages a form of art therapy. Writing down feelings, thoughts, or random musings can serve as a cathartic release, promoting emotional expression and self-reflection.

  2. Symbolism of Discovery: The act of uncovering hidden treasures within the chaotic environment may symbolise the journey of self-discovery and finding moments of solace amidst life's complexities. This process of exploration can be empowering and healing.

The use of image-making to facilitate relational change:

The Shared Experience: The communal aspect of the project, with participants contributing to a common booklet, creates a shared experience. This shared creation can promote a sense of community and interconnectedness, which is relevant to relational change within a therapeutic setting.

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