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Invisible Criminal

2023, Interactive Installation

Wood making, Texture making, Painting, Mixing Audio using Audacity, ready-made materials

"Invisible Criminal" explores decision-making and verbal bullying through a multi-sensory installation. Participants engage in a symbolic journey that explores the inner world, where choices reflect the impact of decisions on individual perception. The installation serves as a metaphor for verbal bullying, with the invisible pen representing the intangible wounds inflicted. Participants choose between torches, either revealing or concealing prior markings, akin to the subtle nature of real-life bullying dynamics. The diverse audio options mirror varying emotional environments. The project seeks to provoke contemplation on the intricacies of decision-making and the often unseen consequences of verbal bullying.


Contribution to a healing context:

1. Symbolic Representation: The installation's symbolic journey and use of metaphors offer a non-verbal means for individuals to express and process their experiences. In art therapy, symbolism can be a bridge to explore complex emotions that may be challenging to articulate directly.

2. Safe exploration of emotions: The invisible pen and the choice between revealing or concealing prior markings provide a safe space for participants to explore their emotions related to verbal bullying. This can empower individuals to confront and examine their feelings without the fear of judgment.

3. Interactive Decision-Making: The act of making choices within the installation allows participants to engage in a form of self-directed decision-making. This empowerment can be particularly therapeutic, as it promotes a sense of control over one's narrative and fosters a proactive approach to healing.

4. Guided Reflection: Consider incorporating a debriefing or reflection component into the installation. This could involve providing participants with prompts or guided questions to help them process their experiences and connect the installation to their personal narratives.

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