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Vision of a Short-sighted

2022, Videography, Projector, Screen, Wood, Magnifying Glass, 3*1.5*4m

Videography, Video Editing, Wood Making

Vision of a Short-sighted is an interactive installation work giving an experience to audience to dive themselves into the pool of the short-sighted. The film projects an ordinary life in Leeds, such that when audiences look through the glasses, which imitates the vision of the short-sighted, they could have a taste of the everyday life encountered.

General Setup:

Looking from the glasses:

Looking through the glasses with your left eye would result in a vision of a short-sighted, while looking through the right eye would result in merely audiences' normal vision.



Structural sketches of glasses:

Using magnifying glasses to imitate the vision of a short-sighted by reason of the opposition of lens' nature, concave and convex lens.

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